Monday, 30 April 2012

I love the 60's!

The great thing about hair, is there are always new trends.  Some of them you love, some of them you hate!  And just like other trends in fashion, 'What goes around comes back again'!

There's definitely a huge 60's revival going on right now.  If you watch Mad Men like me, you've discovered that the 60's were not only about great music.  There was also plenty of lust-worthy hair!  It was all about the big curvy curls, curtain bangs, roller sets, bee-hives, and a ton of volume.

For a hairstylist like me, this comes as a welcomed change.  After so many years of women wearing their hair super straight, I am thirsty for more creativity.  And with the onset of this 60's trend, I suspect I will be doing more up dos, and curls.

Time to pull out your 'teasing comb' and hairspray.  If you have a set of hot-rollers, even better!  And of course the celebrities are doing it too!  I particularly like Gwen Stefani's big beautiful bouffant!


  1. I have been after this 60s revival for the past 10 years!!!! I'm way ahead of the times! A hairstyle after my own heart. lol


  2. No kidding...You've had the teasing comb out for at least 10 years already!

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