Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Elvis Quiff (Taken from Web)
The best hair tip I can give all you men who like to stay on top of trends is...keep your eye on David Beckham!  Even as a stylist, he's my go to guy for what's cool in men's hair.  And what do you know, he's wearing a quiff!

Oooooh the quiff, how I love the quiff!!!  So what is a quiff anyway!?!

Luke Perry Quiff (Taken from Web)
A quiff is a tuft of hair at the front of the head that is styled upwards and then sometimes off to one side, or simply straight back.  Think 1950's Elvis, or Luke Perry circa 1990.  The sides are kept short and clean, and the top is worn longer (in varying degrees, depending on your preference).

Here are my tips for the perfect quiff.  First, next haircut, ask your stylist for the quiff cut.  To be sure you're on the same page, let her know how short you would like to go on the sides, and how much length you would like to keep on top.  There will be some disconnection in the cut, similar to an undercut.  Your specified lengths will depend on how you would like to wear your quiff.

My absolute fave is David Beckham....Mmm-mmm!  He always gets it right.  So this is a longer version, and is styled up and back.  I get that this isn't for everyone, but have no fear there are other options.

David Beckham (Taken from Web)

If you're more of a middle of the road kind of dude, opt for something a little more conservative, but still with a bit of edge.  Justin Bieber wears his quiff a medium length...No fear, I guarantee you will look cooler than him!

Justin Bieber (Taken from Web)

For those ultra conservative guys, a nice short, clean cut quiff is the way to go.  Now, I don't know what the male version of a cougar is, but to the older guys, if you want to avoid looking like one, this would be the quiff for you!  A side part and a slight quiff at the front makes this look suitable for the office or a black tie event.

Zac Effron (Taken from Web)

Onto can take 5-15 minutes depending on how perfect you want your quiff to look.  I myself prefer the less perfect ones.  For this look, towel dry your hair, and simply spray with a sea salt spray or your styling aid of choice.  I do, however prefer a sea salt spray, which will give it more of a beachy "I didn't really style my hair" look. Blow dry your hair up and back or off to either side.  For extra hold, you can finish off with a dry wax (like KMS Dry Wax), or a light clay.

My only caution to you when styling, especially for the mid-length quiffs, is don't be too perfect!  An over-styled quiff can leave you looking like an extra in a 1950's flick.  In my opinion, Bruno Mars styles his too high, too wide, too something....!  What do you think?

Bruno Mars (Taken from Web)

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Is Ombre Hair Colour Still In?

SJP, Cameron Diaz, and Jessica Biel have gotten it right! (taken from web)
Many clients have been asking me, "Is the Ombre hair colour trend still in"?  It seems most hair colour trends come and go, usually changing with the seasons.  It appears however, that the Ombre colour trend is here to stay.  It began a couple of years ago when we saw celebrities like Drew Barrymore and Sarah Jessica Parker sporting darker roots graduating into lighter colour on the ends.  Two years later, these celebrities along with many others have continued to like this trend.

In reality, Ombre hair is nothing new.  It's quite a natural hair colour look, one that our much younger counterparts have mastered quite by accident.  Remember back to when you were a little girl playing outside all summer.  Your hair would lighten up, and by winter your roots would come in a few shades darker.  So despite some people's comments about ombre hair colour looking like nasty grown out roots, it can actually look quite natural and youthful.

Ombre looks great on shorter hair too! (taken from web)

So what makes the Ombre colour trend worthy of sticking around?  Patrick McIvor, colour director for Matrix believes it will still be around 100 years from now.  His prediction is that the Ombre technique will become the "little black dress" of hair fashion due to its functionality, and ease on the pocket book, not to mention, it never looks like it's growing out.  That being said, it must be done right to have that natural graduated colour look.

When done poorly, the Ombre effect can absolutely end up looking like you haven't had the time or money to get your roots done!  So what is the best way to achieve this look? The trick is to lighten your ends three to four shades lighter than the roots and to add some balayage (hand painted) highlights to the top.  This gives it a nice sun kissed look.

Drew Barrymore and Ciara sporting dramatic ombre looks Taken fom web)

So I have a few favourites when it comes to this look.  I think SJP and Cameron Diaz have really nailed this look.  I also love the look on Miley and Rashida's shorter hair.  It also offers a really dramatic look when pulled back.  I'd have to say though, that Drew Barrymore and Ciara who are sporting a more dramatic version, don't get my vote.  So what's your take on this trend?

Pulled back for a dramatic evening look (Taken from web)