Friday, 18 May 2012

Hair Extensions 101

Paris Hilton short to long hair (Taken from web)
Do you remember the days when we would look at our favourite celebrities in awe as they went from short to long hair in the matter of days.  There was a time when transforming locks of hair from short to long was only for the rich and famous.  Now it has become much more affordable and mainstream.  You can bet that someone in your circle is faking their 'Rapunzel' hair!  Would you do it?

There are many things to think about when considering making the instant switch from short hair to long.  For most people, the first question is "How much will it cost"?  While extensions can start out at anywhere from $500-$2000+, it is important to dig deeper than just the initial cost.  Some extensions are only good for a one time use.  Others can be re-used for 3-4 applications, saving you money in the end.

Brook Burke (Charvet) in Hotheads Hair Extensions (Taken from web)

Although it may seem like your hairstylist is gauging your wallet, it is important to realize that in general, at least half of what you pay for your hair extensions, covers the cost of the actual hair itself (which is not something that can be mass-produced!).  Also, your stylist has likely invested a fair bit of money to become properly trained in the application of hair extensions.  On that note, if you plan on investing in long hair, be sure to find someone who is certified; not all hairstylist are certified in this service. 

It is also important to enquire about what is involved in the care of your hair extensions.  I often tell clients that hair extensions are really only for the "vain-at-heart".  And I mean that in the nicest way possible.  Hair extensions are generally not for the "wash-and-go" client.  On the other hand if you are accustomed to blow drying your hair and touching up with an iron, hair extensions would be within your comfort zone.  I myself tend to flip flop, which is why  I only occasionally commit to hair extensions!

Jordin Sparks (Taken from web)
SJP (Taken from web)
There are many different reasons to consider hair extensions.  Although adding length is the most common reason, there are also many other uses for these fake tresses.  Many people with fine sparse hair appreciate the fullness that hair extensions give them.  They can also be used to bulk up an up-do or to add splashes of colour.  Other people use them only it certain areas of their mane that are thinner, or to facilitate a grow out faze.  It is definitely a service that is customised to each client individually.

Just like any other product available to consumers, there are several different types of hair extensions available.  You can choose from sewn in weaves, bonded, clip-ins, and a myriad of others.  I myself, only use the tape in ones ( Hotheads Hair Extensions), which seem to offer the best re-usability, and do the least amount of damage to the hair.

Hotheads Hair Extensions sit flat against the head (Taken from web)

If you are thinking of trying hair extensions, be sure to book a consultation with your stylist so you can discuss any questions you may have.  I welcome your questions here as well!

Below is some of my most recent work with hair extensions.

Rachel A. in Hotheads Hair Extensions

Jennifer T. in Hotheads Hair Extensions

Soo L. in Hotheads Snappies

Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Roaring 20's (And Event Styling)

"Coco" Chanel (taken from web)
The 1920's were an interesting decade for women's hair.  You could definitely say there was a hair revolution.  Women had traditionally worn their hair long, but in 1921, many women followed the lead of famous fashion designer "Coco" Chanel, and began chopping their locks into short bobs.  

Anna Wintour, longtime editor-and-chief of American magazine "Vogue" has adopted the bob as her trademark hairstyle and has worn nothing but a bob for years.  The bob still remains to be the most requested hairstyle in salons today.
Anna Wintour (taken from web)

With the onset of the "bob", came the finger wave.  Many famous movie stars began to have their hair formed into "S" shaped waves to soften the hard look of their new bobs.

Probably the most popular image of the 1920's, is that of the "flapper girl".  I'd kind of equate them with today's "hipsters".  They were known to go against the grain; they introduced provocative dance styles, risque fashion trends, not to mention risque behaviour.  They most certainly bobbed their hair, which remained unacceptable behaviour for quite some time.

Flapper Girl (taken from web)

Event Styling

I love to do period styling whether it be 20's, 30's, 40's, etc.  It brings something a little different to my work day.  I also love to do event styling.  When I style a client's hair for an event such as a wedding, a gala, or any kind of formal event, I feel such satisfaction seeing the finished look for their special event.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to do period styling for an event.  My wonderful sister-in-law to be was organising and attending a "Roaring 20's" themed event.  Needless to say, I had fun with this one.  Check out Sarah's finished look (BTW - It helps that she's a classic beauty)!

Sarah B.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Year of the Bang!

This year, 2012, is definitely the year of the bang.  If you live in the UK, you likely call them a fringe.  Regardless of where you're at, they are definitely making a statement in the fashion world. For the last couple of years we've been seeing long layered side swept bangs.  Just as they have changed over the previous decades (remember the eighties with the hairspray and teasing comb), they are once again making a new statement.

I'm definitely a fan of this trend.   I love the fact that you can dramatically change a style without losing overall length.  My most dreaded statement from clients is "I want a dramatic change, but I don't want to lose any length".  While I completely understand where they're coming from, it's difficult to create a dramatic change, without changing the length.  Unless, of course, they want bangs!

If you're thinking about getting bangs, there are a few different ways of making a new statement.  Some clients prefer the versatility of a a straight down bang that can still be pushed off to the side.  For these clients I would suggest a curtain bang, which has a real boho flare.  They are worn longer and part in the center, or slightly off center (my personal favourite at the moment).  They are cut slightly longer on the sides, which gives you the option to push them off to one side if you choose.

If you're ready to fully commit to a straight down bang, consider a more bold blunt bang.  This looks best with thicker hair and is worn slightly rounded on the ends.

Now here's something for those who really want to amp up the drama, and maybe stand out from the crowd a little bit.  I've noticed a few celebrities have started wearing their bangs about two shades darker than the rest of their hair.  It's possibly just an extension of the ombré trend we've been seeing a lot of.  Whatever it is, I think it's pretty hot!

So what do you think?  Will you be getting bangs this year?

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Last week was a great week in the salon.  While all my work days are usually fun, last week was especially so.  If you read my last post, you'll remember me mentioning a 60's revival in hair trends.  And while not all my blog posts will be about the 60's, I do want to share with you some 60's inspired work I did last week in the salon.

A good client of mine Jenn, who also happens to be my cousin, got in touch with me wanting a 60's inspired do for a formal ball she was attending.  I was quite excited, since this 60's trend seems to be my obsession at the moment!

Out came the hot rollers and teasing comb!  After re-applying her extensions, (which she has admitted are like crack to her, since she can't seem to go without) we got to work creating her half up-do.  The end result was this:

I was quite pleased with how it turned out.  I was even more pleased when I saw the picture and noticed that her husband Rob (who is also one of my clients), was looking very 'Don Draper' like, with his hair so nicely groomed.  While it is my intention to post mostly head shots on here, this pair looked so hot, I couldn't bring myself to crop the picture.

The same day that Jenn was in, I had a second opportunity to create some 60's inspired hair.  My client Anroup came in, and as per usual, she gave me free reign with her hair.  Anroup has got some pretty fantastic hair; it's very thick and great to work with. I ended up doing a retro inspired bob on her.  Something with a bit more swing than the Victoria Beckham bob that was so much in fashion a few years back.  I love bobs because they are always in style, and they look great on every face shape.  Anroup was heading out for the evening and sent me this great picture of her newly coiffed hair.  Thanks Anroup!

While I am clearly obsessed with this 60's revival, I promise to bring you something new for my next post!