Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Last week was a great week in the salon.  While all my work days are usually fun, last week was especially so.  If you read my last post, you'll remember me mentioning a 60's revival in hair trends.  And while not all my blog posts will be about the 60's, I do want to share with you some 60's inspired work I did last week in the salon.

A good client of mine Jenn, who also happens to be my cousin, got in touch with me wanting a 60's inspired do for a formal ball she was attending.  I was quite excited, since this 60's trend seems to be my obsession at the moment!

Out came the hot rollers and teasing comb!  After re-applying her extensions, (which she has admitted are like crack to her, since she can't seem to go without) we got to work creating her half up-do.  The end result was this:

I was quite pleased with how it turned out.  I was even more pleased when I saw the picture and noticed that her husband Rob (who is also one of my clients), was looking very 'Don Draper' like, with his hair so nicely groomed.  While it is my intention to post mostly head shots on here, this pair looked so hot, I couldn't bring myself to crop the picture.

The same day that Jenn was in, I had a second opportunity to create some 60's inspired hair.  My client Anroup came in, and as per usual, she gave me free reign with her hair.  Anroup has got some pretty fantastic hair; it's very thick and great to work with. I ended up doing a retro inspired bob on her.  Something with a bit more swing than the Victoria Beckham bob that was so much in fashion a few years back.  I love bobs because they are always in style, and they look great on every face shape.  Anroup was heading out for the evening and sent me this great picture of her newly coiffed hair.  Thanks Anroup!

While I am clearly obsessed with this 60's revival, I promise to bring you something new for my next post!

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